Monday, December 10, 2007

Creative Inquiry: Imitation Show Fliers

I thought I would hand draw then photocopy some imitation indie-type show fliers around town to provoke thought about what music culture is and what it is capable of. Examples of imitation bands and genres include: SKULKERS (darkway/murmur from Bend) CatBreathe (acidy peacecore outta portland) Jankster Explosions (ambient dog friendly from eugene) and TransKey (jetty-bot from da cool regions).

Also: River of Souls, Emergency Cash, Sad Mask and "E". and many more...

six fliers have been produced, three of which have been put up at local hip-cafes.

Also interestingly fictional venues have been advertised like the "Arts and Beats Center." and the "Best Zines Zone."



m~fischer said...

i love this. years ago i made a fake show flier that i put up April Fools Day....

all ages
march 31st

Avalon Kalin said...

yes! i think the inspiration came from seeing peoples' fake fliers: Misfits, DeadKennedys, Fugazi, tonight my house.