Thursday, December 20, 2007

Buffing Archive Project

I've started a graffiti removal documentation web log. I'm hoping to create a large archive to publish as a book. How to get people to post?

Here is the site Read more!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Botany of the "Vacant" Lot

I asked my friend Heather to lead a botanical survey of the PSU MFA SP vacant lot. We learned about urban wilderness, grasses, "weeds", and other successful families of plant life on the lot. Read more!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Term Reflection

I've been "priming my canvas" this term; building relationships and doing experiments. I've learned it's good to have work that can be accomplished in the short term as well as over time. I've also learned that it is better to create work that doesn't rely too much on submissions from other people (Low Res Video Night), but instead engages people directly and easily in some sort of process (like the Walkshop). I am also trying hard too think outside of my own frames of reference a little more. Read more!

Creative Inquiry: Curating Miniature Sculpture Installations

Would a local developer let me install a series of miniature sculptures (by local artists or students) curated specifically for their show models?

This test contribution by Claire Oliver Read more!

Creative Inquiry: Imitation Show Fliers

I thought I would hand draw then photocopy some imitation indie-type show fliers around town to provoke thought about what music culture is and what it is capable of. Examples of imitation bands and genres include: SKULKERS (darkway/murmur from Bend) CatBreathe (acidy peacecore outta portland) Jankster Explosions (ambient dog friendly from eugene) and TransKey (jetty-bot from da cool regions).

Also: River of Souls, Emergency Cash, Sad Mask and "E". and many more...

six fliers have been produced, three of which have been put up at local hip-cafes.

Also interestingly fictional venues have been advertised like the "Arts and Beats Center." and the "Best Zines Zone."

Exploration. Read more!

Creative Inquiry: Memorial

I documented, using macro zoom photography, the memorial items left for the boy who was killed by a train near my house. I don't think there is anything to do with these mournful photographs. Perhaps I can make a booklet? I like how the items look upclose like the picture here. Read more!

PostGallery Card

I'm preparing a RFP for a new gallery platform: POSTGALLERY CARDS

Request for Proposals for the POSTGALLERY CARDS series
PostGallery Cards seeks work that is made specifically for the medium of postcard or that would lend itself successfully to this medium. PGC will print the accepted pieces in limited editions (100 or less per design), placing them where other gallery postcards can be found. Standard postcard size preferred, but other sizes may be considered. Work will also appear on the PGC webpage.
Read more!

Legare's Sculpture Nook

I'm going to be doing a show of one of the collaborations I accomplish in January in February in the nook at Legare's Cafe. Pictured. Read more!

"Mad Lib" Biz Card

Here is a business card I designed to personalize my interest in working with someone on any kind of project. Note: always spell check before you print (I have a degree in this sort of thing! [GD]). Read more!

Monday, November 26, 2007

places i used to live in portland

i took pictures of all eleven different places i have called home in Portland since 1995. i wrote a bit about each place and have put them together in a booklet. harrell suggested i send these to each of the addresses. i think i will do this. Download pages for viewing as a pdf. Read more!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Creative Inquiry: Hand Dancing

I am "commissioning" a modern dance choreographer to create a dance piece for the hands. I want to have it performed in lecture situations, on couches, and at the dinner table. I have two interested choreographers, but no scores yet. Please contact me if you are interested and or know someone I should contact. Read more!

Creative Inquiry: Spiritual Orientation

Can prayer and meditation and other "spiritual experiences" (is there anything that is not spiritual?) be incorporated into non-religious art projects? I am exploring projects with a Spiritual Life Center for a show next term and with a group called Enterbeing with a video. I am also creating a scholarship proposal for the David Lynch Foundation in hopes of allowing lower income creative people to learn the TM meditation technique, which is otherwise somewhat unaffordible for most students. Read more!

Creative Inquiry: Creative Dowsing

I am in the process of exploring ways of integrating the practice of dowsing (aka "water witching" or "divining") into my art practice. I have been working with Mike Doney, president of the NW Dowsing Association in Portland on this venture. We are exploring the idea of musical vibrations and how they affect life. Universal light energy surrounds us... Read more!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Garden Blessing

I blessed my friends garden by reading the wonderful poems of Hafiz to the plants. Then, with a friend, I thought good thoughts of joy and prosperity to the plants, their use, and to everyone who would come in contact with the fruit of the garden. I also surrounded the garden with a ring of "intentionality" made of a tee shirt cut in an unravalled way so it was made of one piece and was tied once. (the shirt was green). Read more!


Walkshop is a collaborative walking ephemeral sculpture workshop. We make sculptures on site with what we find. Usually leaving no trace after we are done. Dylan Walker was the first to participate. I just did a Walkshop with Eric Steen. It's the one with the vines on the stairs.

Here's the link to more photos of the collaboration
Walkshop Photos Read more!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

videos for a quote

A video night and hopefully bathroom video installation of videos in response to a quote in the bathroom of a Legare's cafe. Read the flyer for the indepth story.

Dan's blog about the event Read more!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Drumset Drumcircle Sept. 22

The latest Drumset Drumcircle was saturday Sept. 22nd. It was originally slated to be at a block party in NE. But days were mixed up and it ended up being at my house is SE. It was held at 1909 SE Haig street, in the back yard. We had four drumsets and many extra percussive instruments. It went for two hours from 5-7pm.

At one point someone was playing a large piece of corrogated (spl?) metal. About a dozen people were there and a good time was had by all. One person commented that they weren't sure about it when they first got there, but then they warmed up to it and got into it.

I've posted the flyer, photos to come soon.
It was also recorded with audio and video and we have a webpage here

There was a drumset drumcircle not related to this one in New York with 77 drummers a while back.

Also there was a huge drum event in Hong Kong last year

Please comment if you were there. Read more!