Friday, January 30, 2009

SPS: Geoff Dorn

Geoff Dorn presented the third in the Special Presentation Series by giving all the basic tips on insurance and them demonstrating how to tie all the ties. He wasn't lying when he said he has taught more people how to tie a tie than anyone in the world. And here is the rest of it. Read more!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Key Dance Party

What began as an intimate and existential joke to myself on my kitchen table in 2006 [keep laughing] became a workshop during a recent group critique in the MFA social practice program. Many of the members shared in the funny moment by dancing and selecting dance songs. We even had a "Dance Party" of dancing keys. Ariana Jacob was the stage manager who used bike lights to make a disco. Some people went nuts, some people were really good key dancers, others just winged it. Favorite songs included genres like hip-hop, house, soul and pop. Thanks to my fellow students and the professors for humoring my use of the critique time to experiment. Read more!

Lights in the Library

A pdf piece documenting a minimalist light installation at the Portland State University Library. Download the low resolution (not meant for printing) version of Lights in the Library. Unlike some of my other pdf works, there is no text other than the title in Lights in the Library. This is because I want the viewer to engage the work themselves and come to their own conclusions. My hope is that this pdf will take on a life of its own and be including in an upcoming pdf only art show.
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SPS: Matt Hall & Alex Behr

For the second presentation in the Special Presentation Series, Matt and Alex presented Matt's martial arts and Lion Drumming. It was very exciting, graceful and energetic. Thank you Matt and Alex. The drumming performance included the instruments on the right side of this photograph. Matt's demonstrations included different types of arts he has learned in his many years studing martial arts and several sets within each. It is hard to describe how invigorating and interesting it is to see such controlled yet graceful movements up close. Read more!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SPS: Larry Yes

Soul Journey by Larry Yes with his Audience
Fandalism Free MP3 Hosting

For the first in the Special Presentation Series at LEGARE'S CAFE, Larry Yes presented his story of coming to be a songwriter, how he writes a song, and how to use a four-track to record a musical moment. It was awesome and moving. Some joined Larry in recording a vocal and drum jam (posted above). Thank you Larry. And here is the rest of it. Read more!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Walkshop: Lucky Dragons

During their visit I did a Walkshop with Lucky Dragons. During our walk we talked about rocks and the funny thing about the value of the art object, among other things. Luke overturned a rock that surprisingly had the words "Student Activism" painted on the bottom! Sara and I discovered a coffee mug that appeared to have been undisturbed for some time we thought was a sculpture in itself. And here is the rest of it. Read more!