Friday, February 29, 2008

2 Strangers from the Life of Falken Forshaw

I re-enacted two moments from the life of my father involving strangers with Laurel Kurtz for my group critique. One is pictured above. Thanks Laurel. Read more!

Music Town: Midi Chain

I'm exploring music culture in Portland for creative projects. One experiment has been to ask people to bring midi devices like drum machines to plug into each other so they are in sync. We jam for about an hour every week or so. Collaborators have included Claire, John, Chris, Joey, and Robert. This usually happens at a night club called Dunes. Read more!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Enterbeing: Second Night

I told part of my life story to a group of about 20 people. Then I asked them to describe an interaction they have had with a stranger and write these down on postcard sized pieces of paper. We went around and read each other's descriptions. It was inspiring. Read more!

My Unexpected Visitor

About a week after I sent out my booklet of all the places I've lived in in Portland, I had an unexpected visit from a man who lived in my house in 1959 and whose family lived in the neighborhood for years around that time. I made another booklet based on the notes I took from the interaction. I also presented this story during my group critique as a slide show.

Download the pdf version
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Monday, February 18, 2008

Enterbeing: First Night

I had my first night as resident artist at the spiritual story telling group Enterbeing last Wednesday. It was great. We started of the collaboration by making a interfaith prayer banner of drawings and ideas inspired by the story told by Mittens from her spiritual journey in the last few years. I will be working with Enterbeing for the next month or so. Read more!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hand Dances

A collaboration with choreographer Janet Pants. I basically invited Jane to do this choreography within certain parameters. She did all the work. With Dancers Tamar and Kaetlin. We performed impromtu at Legares' Cafe, New Seasons Grocery, and Urban Blend Cafe. Then Jane taught everyone the dances at Cyrus Smith's 24hr Residency!
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Walkshop: Sarah Roach, Luke Forsyth, & Cyrus Smith

For my 24hr residency with fellow student Cyrus Smith we did a Walkshop with Sarah Roach, and Luke Forsyth. We made many things together including performances. One hightlight was a band reenactment at a busy intersection. There's more of this collaboration here.
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Preliminary Dowsing at Reed College

Professional Dowser Mike Doney did a preliminary dowsing at Reed campus in preparation for Reed Arts Week with Laurel and I. We dowsed the auras of a large sculpture, the musical vibrations of Bflat in a small area as well as the water line and energy near a through a tree. The flags represent auras and or tonal vibrations present. Read more!

Walkshop: Joel Garcia & Laurel Kurtz

Laurel and Joel and I walked to a bar after our interview for Pat's class. We did a sculptural project on the way by each creating a frame of the environment around us with our hands. Check the others here. Read more!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Walkshop: Kate Pocrass

Visiting artist Kate Pocrass talked with me about my art. We were able to fit in a sculptural collaboration during a walk near campus. We put two arrows near things we found interesting to point at them: Some spray-painted ivy and some plastic and nests in some trees. More here. Read more!