Monday, September 29, 2008

Society of the Spectacle English Overdub Screening

I screened an unofficial english overdub of the infamous situationist documentary The Society of the Spectacle (Guy Debord 1973) that I prepared myself using Ken Knabb's translation. It was free and open to the public. For more information on this film go here.

special thank you to Cyrus Smith and Jonathan Legare for use of their spaces, and to Beau McDaniel for last minute use of his video projector.

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As part of the TBA festival I roamed Portland taking pictures of peoples' houses and giving them to them as a way to realize a short story by Raymond Carver called Viewfinder. I had one request from someone who emailed me after reading my TBA project post. Her name was April. We took several portraits of her, which I documented with my digital camera before giving them to her. Thanks to Cyrus and Kennedy Smith and Harrell Fletcher for use of their cameras and creative encouragement. The rest of April's portraits are on view in video form at the Autzen Gallery at PSU. Read more!


As part of the Time-Based Art festival in Portland, presented by the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, I organized this project. It involved asking volunteers to breakthrough the butcher-paper-covered door of a Portland cafe from 1-2pm on three consecutive days. Inspired by Sierra Norris and thanks to Jonathan Legare for letting us use his cafe. Sierra Norris had told me about someone she knew who did this for their child everyday so when they came out the door of their room, they experienced the dawning of another totally new day. I initially was asking Jonathan if I could do this with people coming out of the bathroom. It was soon discovered that would have been too akward so the natural choice became the main door.

Thanks to Jonathan Legare for use of his Cafe and to it's patrons for humoring the breakthrough process.
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