Monday, November 26, 2007

places i used to live in portland

i took pictures of all eleven different places i have called home in Portland since 1995. i wrote a bit about each place and have put them together in a booklet. harrell suggested i send these to each of the addresses. i think i will do this. Download pages for viewing as a pdf. Read more!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Creative Inquiry: Hand Dancing

I am "commissioning" a modern dance choreographer to create a dance piece for the hands. I want to have it performed in lecture situations, on couches, and at the dinner table. I have two interested choreographers, but no scores yet. Please contact me if you are interested and or know someone I should contact. Read more!

Creative Inquiry: Spiritual Orientation

Can prayer and meditation and other "spiritual experiences" (is there anything that is not spiritual?) be incorporated into non-religious art projects? I am exploring projects with a Spiritual Life Center for a show next term and with a group called Enterbeing with a video. I am also creating a scholarship proposal for the David Lynch Foundation in hopes of allowing lower income creative people to learn the TM meditation technique, which is otherwise somewhat unaffordible for most students. Read more!

Creative Inquiry: Creative Dowsing

I am in the process of exploring ways of integrating the practice of dowsing (aka "water witching" or "divining") into my art practice. I have been working with Mike Doney, president of the NW Dowsing Association in Portland on this venture. We are exploring the idea of musical vibrations and how they affect life. Universal light energy surrounds us... Read more!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Garden Blessing

I blessed my friends garden by reading the wonderful poems of Hafiz to the plants. Then, with a friend, I thought good thoughts of joy and prosperity to the plants, their use, and to everyone who would come in contact with the fruit of the garden. I also surrounded the garden with a ring of "intentionality" made of a tee shirt cut in an unravalled way so it was made of one piece and was tied once. (the shirt was green). Read more!


Walkshop is a collaborative walking ephemeral sculpture workshop. We make sculptures on site with what we find. Usually leaving no trace after we are done. Dylan Walker was the first to participate. I just did a Walkshop with Eric Steen. It's the one with the vines on the stairs.

Here's the link to more photos of the collaboration
Walkshop Photos Read more!