Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hafiz Knows How To Party

For the Worksound show, I walked around the gallery asking people on the street to read my favorite poet Hafiz in to the camera. The video ran about 15 minutes and included 7 people, one of whom read his own poem. To learn more about the show go here. Read more!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Karl Williams

I have been collaborating with Karl Williams, a local musician and composer. He uses primarily synthesizers, drum machines and midi technology to create beautiful sweeping soundtrack compositions. We are working on a new CD, live promotion, and new compositions with me as a support technician and band member.

go to his myspace page

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This I Believe

You have received This I Believe e-cards from Avalon Kalin.

To view your This I Believe e-cards, click on a link below.

I Believe in Interwoven Creativity
I Believe That Sadness
I Believe in Doing
I Believe in the Power of Relationship
I Believe the Cosmos

The This I Believe e-cards are part of a collaboration with Carol Joy Brendlinger and others at the Spiritual Life Center at PSU.

Thank you to those who shared their thoughts and feelings.

To find out more about the Spiritual Life Center go to here.
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bathroom Installation

I had a vision of a rainbow in my bathroom. I went ahead and fabricated it with felt where I remembered it to be (on the floor and wall near the door). I didn't have red or orange. **y G Biv. Read more!

Sewn Leather LP

This is the Sewn Leather LP "I Live Like This Cuz I Like It". It is a very realness oriented record that is both dark and energizing. I had it pressed and printed as the first release for my record label, (Y)ours Records. The record was printed in the Czeck Republic by the San Francisco company recordpressing.com. 500 copies, available for $13.00 postage paid at yoursrecords.com. Jacket printed in San Francisco also by recordpressing.com. I'm proud of the two "imprints" on the record. They are specal impressions on the vinyl at the end of the record. They say "Transpersonal Affirmation" and "Ethereal Concentration" Read more!

Yours Records Website Launch

The Did-It-Myself record label I've created now has a website. I'm still working out the bugs. The page pictured shows the poster I had printed in Shelton Washington by the people at the Shelton Mason-County Journal. I'm quite proud of it. Read more!

Stranger Moments

After a few rehearsals, a group of volunteer actors and I had a series of re-enactments from the Enterbeing stories I had gathered during my residency. They took place in the neighborhood around Enterbeing (ne 17th and Alberta) It went well. Scenes were both scripted and improvised. Actors and collaborators included:

Will Palumbo

Tess Yinger

James Nielson

Alan A. Hakimoglu

Sandy Sampson

Avalon Kalin

Benjamin Gilliam

People who gathered at Enterbeing

Special thanks to neighbors who let us perform in their yard, Jason Burns and his roomates for letting us use their porch, and to Scott Brazieal and everyone at Enterbeing for welcoming us into their stories.
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