Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Synthesizer Circle

Expanding the instrumental circle concepts, Chris Reylea and I invited everyone we knew to bring a synth or just play one at the local night club Dunes. It was fun but kinda overwhelming, then it became a magical jam at the end of the night.


little enjoyer said...

How many folks, total? And, any audio recorded? Seems like a fun night.

Avalon Kalin said...

dow! no audio. there were 7 synths at the maximum moments. not all pictured. Maybe around 15 or so people ended up playing throughout the night.

2 Korg MicroKorg
1 Roland Juno 106
1 Roland "Synthesizer" early synth
1 Ensoniq ESQ-1
1 Korg MS2000
1 Korg Electribe (synth & sequencer)

Avalon Kalin said...
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Acumensch said...

Once i found some old old recordings i did with a friend on our crappy Yamaha. I appreciated its crappiness even more years later.

m~fischer said...

please have another synth circle!