Thursday, February 12, 2009

Karl Williams collaboration

I am very excited to finally formalize a composition with midi synth wiz Karl Williams. We set up a make-shift electronic music studio in the studio space residency generously started by Anna Gray and Ryan Paulsen in the PSU grad studios in the Art Building. We will be using a Yamaha DX7 synthesizer with a Macintosh G4 tower and Ableton Live software as well as a Tascam stereo usb audio converter.


mem said...

Hey Avalon!

Just wanted to say I love what you've been up to and wish we'd gotten to know each other better when i was in portland.

at princeton i'm beginning to focus on the sound/music and the social practice relationship. with research this summer in the baltics! i'll be doin the bloggyblog thing and will want to share. Regardless, I would love to be in touch with our shared affinities.

ok, i hope you are good! peace,


Leif Hedendal said...

coming to pdx april 2 - april 6 and doing a secret cafe at tricia martin's house on april 4th. couldn't find yr email address anywhere. email me back at cavolonero @ gmail. we met at the bar by cca, if you don't remember.

-Leif Hedendal

Avalon Kalin said...

Thanks Matt!
my email is avalonkalin[att]yahoodotcom

stay in touch.

Avalon Kalin said...

See you in Portland Leif!